History and Background

As the CCO program evolved with various projects serving people experiencing homelessness and poverty in the City of Durango, CCO’s founders incorporated the program on March 29, 2018. Although, the faith-base group began with the religious organization, Community Compassion Outreach is a public charity, following in the same tradition as its program: To assist individuals and families to survive and to exit homelessness with viable, alternative housing and programmatic communities.

Community Compassion Outreach, Inc., is preparing an application to the IRS for Tax Exempt Status with the help of a local CPA firm whose many clients are nonprofits. It is expected that the submission will be determined sometime in the next few months.

Board of Directors

Jonathon Alsdorf, CoFounder/President

Jon is Senior Pastor of Durango Christian Church since Y2005 to Present. Jon was a Church Planter (1997-2001)   and Pastor of Evangelism & Worship (2001-2004). He recently received his credentials as Real Estate Broker at Durango Star Realty. Jon volunteers as Chaplain with the Durango Police Department. Jon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministry from the Pacific Christian College in Fullerton, California.

Johnie Ragsdale, Secretary

Johnie Ragsdale operates the Ragsdale & Associates PC offices with husband John W. Ragsdale, Clinical Psychologist Specialist, located on North Main Avenue. Johnie is compassionate for people less fortunate than us, and she has been serving the Durango and La Plata County communities for decades. She has served her community in various roles:

  • Classroom volunteer
  • PTA President
  • Girl Scout Leader
  • Youth Mission Trip Leader to Apache Reservation
  • Youth Mission Trip Leader to Navajo Reservation
  • Youth Mission Trip Leader to Juarez,
  • Mexico Youth and Adult Mission Trip Leader to New Orleans
  • Two mission trips to Mozambique, Africa assisting women in micro loan development, womens’ issues/relationships
  • Kitchen Volunteer at Manna Soup Kitchen.

Johnie holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology at the San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California.

“Donna Mae” Baukat, CoFounder/Executive Director

Donna Mae Baukat cofounded Community Compassion Outreach Program in January 2017 at Durango Christian Church with Pastor Jon Alsdorf. She initiated projects to serve people experiencing homelessness and poverty:

  • Prayers & Handcrafting – stuffed crochet animals for disadvantaged children
  • Day Work Project “Give Us Dirty Work” – finding day jobs for the Homeless
  • Project ID – assisting individuals with documentation for Colorado ID
  • Collaboration with Fort Lewis College Engineering Design and Practice Class in Spring 2018 to assess commercial shelter options and Humanitarian House International PVC/Insulated Panel Structure
  • Forum ENDING HOMELESSNESS: How We Can was initiated by Baukat to educate and inform the Public locally and regionally

Between 1962-1975,  Donna Mae was legal secretary, administrative & executive assistant and office manager in Aerospace Contracts Department and small businesses. From 1975-1986, she was the first woman to sell Printed Circuit Boards in the electronics components industry; and, the first woman in outside sales & marketing in Chemically Machined Substrates for the Semiconductor and Magnetic Tape Head Industries when she was hired by Vacco Industries. Her experience includes three years organizing homeowners (60 of 80) in a Construction Defects Litigation which settled out of court. Between late 1999 and 2005, Donna Mae was a partner with Ayman S. Mosallam, PhD., P.E., civil engineering professor and author of “Seismic Repair and Rehabilitation System (SRRS) for Bridges and Highways“ — the name of the Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites system used to strengthen infrastructures in various States of America. Her company, Advanced Structural Overlay, Inc., of California, represented the SRRS FRP composites; and, she added Smart Fibres Ltd, a UK manufacturer of Fiber Optical Bragg Sensors and Test Equipment during laboratory tests at the Henry Samueli School of Engineering at the University of California Irvine Campus. Donna Mae and her husband Stephen Baukat serve meals once a month at Manna Kitchen. Her favorite pastime as artist of wearable fiber art received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Ribbons from the New Mexico Crochet Guild at the Albuquerque FiberArts Fiesta 2015 and 2017.