Anxiously waiting until Thursday, April 26th at 7:30AM when we attend the final class to hear two presentations on the engineering design and practice of homeless shelters, to include recommendations.

Disassembled components of HHi House built by engineering design students is waiting for a site

HHi House components disassembled and waiting for a site.

Insulated panels were fabricated by the junior class of Fort Lewis College engineering design students under the tutelage of Don May, P.E., Ph.D., professor of the Engineering Department. PVC tube connectors and tube framing & insulated panels lay in wait for relocation if required by the homeless.

CCO, in collaboration with Humanitarian House International and FLC, is raising funds to build the first sanctioned Homeless Village in La Plata County, Colorado. The plan is to start with 10-15 units of the 196-square feet of space.

Re-Designed HHi House

The re-designed HHi House remains portable. HHi Architect Stuart Ohlson decided to eliminate PVC tube connectors and tubing for the frame with insulated panels. In March, 2018, revised plans creates a more substantial space in which the HHi House will accommodate a couple with two children. The flexible spacs allows for two bed spaces with each containing one bunk bed, ideal for singles to share the 196-square foot HHi House. The option to have one bed space created for a couple offers great flexibility and may include underbed storage.

We expect the Fort Lewis College Engineering Design Report to include recommendations for plumbing each unit with water, power and sewage. Those features will create self-sufficient housing units which may become an insulated permanent house for over ten years.

Portable for relocation and reassembly

Imagine a village of HHi Houses for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, with a community building for human and health services that will be available to ensure case management. Residents will be able to live in the village for as long as it is necessary to receive continuum of care for mental illness and drug dependencies. A program to assist residents to enter permanent supportive housing is being developed.


Colorado’s lack of affordable housing and wages do not keep up with cost of living, which impacts rural communities like Durango. Low vacancies of rentals and high median area rent rates in a growing population is preventing low income workers from entering affordable housing. People who have part-time jobs are camping in nearby forest lands, where the current drought is cause for fire concerns. Moreover, there is an unknown number of people sleeping in vehicles, couch surfing, sharing rooms, or sleeping in uninhabitable spaces in this county.

Although Permanent Supportive Housing for 9 people is planned for Durango by a developer of affordable housing in the next year or two, our organization estimates over 30 individuals would like to leave camping in the woods for a tiny house with running water and power.

Community Compassion Outreach, Inc., believes it has found a shelter for the homeless in our community. We are challenged by doubting Thomases and an uninformed public who have negative views toward people living unhoused. CCO is creating educational materials to address myths and to replace those myths with FAQx.

Durango is now home to many individuals and families who have left the big cities for rural, small-town living. We believe we should care for people who have made wrong choices. We believe that every human being is deserving of a safe, lockable, warm and dignified shelter—regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, criminal past, mental or physical disabilities, or ideology.

Call for volunteers!

We have day work projects and other community services to assist individuals and families to survive and exit homelessness.

Contact Mrs. “Donna Mae” Baukat for further information.

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