The Fort Lewis College Engineering Design & Practice class disassembled the HHi House on April 13, 2018.

04/21/2018 – Pickup FLC HHi House Components

Betty Schwartz-Bozeman & Norbert Schwartz with Loretta Meushaw, Steve Baukat and Donna Mae Baukat,  began early to pack up components of the HHi House onto a friend’s trailer and Durango Christian Church suburban.

Components are being relocated to the Baukat’s property where it will be stored. We hope that a homeless couple gets approval by county officials to reassemble and live in the unit at an undisclosed location.

The PVC tubing was loaded in a third truck.

We started loading at 9:15AM. Unloading at Baukat’s property completed around 11:15AM by CCO’s Team Betty, Norbert, Steve and Donna Mae.

We finished the day with a fabulous, relaxing lunch at Fiesta Mexicana.