Give Us Dirty Work began in August 2017. Since then, employers in our program have given jobs to over twelve (12) individuals.

Jobs ranged from digging post holes to working in a restaurant kitchen. An article on this project appeared in the Durango Herald on September 16, 2017. “Give Us Dirty Work offers the homeless employment” by Mary Shinn.

“Employers agree to pay a worker directly for a certain number of hours, and the Give Us Dirty Work program ensures that someone arrives to work and provides supervision.
“For example, the Powerhouse Science Center agreed to employ someone for 10 weeks for a few hours a week to clean and paint and do other tasks, said Anja Davis, director of community engagement and education for the nonprofit. We just thought it would be a great way to give back,” she said.”

As of this date, 18 job opportunities were listed by downtown business owners, private homeowners, and property managers/owners:

  • 4 persons worked for one (1) employer;
  • 7 persons filled nine (9) other jobs;
  • 2 individuals worked the two (2) additional jobs.
  • 5 men were hired by a property manager.

Powerhouse Science Center job involved one (1) individual with weekly jobs through November 10th.

The majority of job offers came through blue flyers originally distributed throughout town. Wages paid directly to workers started at $10/hour; $12.00/hour offered by two employers; and, $15/hour by a property owner.

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