What is Homelessness?

Simply put—Homelessness describes a condition in which a person is without housing. CCO has learned to use a kinder phrase for people living on the streets or in makeshift camps.

We use the phrase “people who are experiencing homelessness” — they are not “homeless people”. A person who is without shelter or unhoused may be temporarily or chronically experiencing homelessness.

2 thoughts on “What is Homelessness?

  1. Donna Mae,

    I would like to get together with you and talk about your ideas. I live on the Westside of town and am personally impacted by these issues — my neighbor recently discovered hypodermic needles on her property. I am torn between a compassionate response and anger/sadness because it feel its unsafe for my kids to walk or bike around Iris Park. Can you please email me so that I can learn more about your organization.



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